Jurassic Park In Concert at Hackensack Meridian Health Theatre

Jurassic Park In Concert Tickets

Hackensack Meridian Health Theatre | Red Bank, New Jersey

Get ready for an action-packed night against prehistoric beasts in an ultimate battle, live on the big screen! The award-winning classic film, Jurassic Park, is making its big return to theaters across the country, with a twist! Audiences will be able to get a Jurassic Park experience like no other as a full-symphony Hallé Orchestra performs the award-winning John Williams score alongside the film in real time! Kicking off this October, Jurassic Park is set to celebrate its 30th anniversary back on the big screen, in concert, at Hackensack Meridian Health Theatre on Friday, 27th of October 2023. Better get the whole family ready to roar as Jurassic Park In Concert serves a roar-tastic musical and theatrical experience that's sure to send everyone back to the days when dinosaurs ruled. 30 years since shaking the scene by bringing dinosaurs back to life with its groundbreaking visual effects, there's no better way to celebrate the good ol' days with a roar at Jurassic Park In Concert. Book your tickets now!

Jurassic Park In Concert at Hackensack Meridian Health Theatre

30 years since man was pitted against ancient species who rose back to life, Jurassic Park is making its big return to theaters as it celebrates its 30th anniversary of shaking up the scene with loud roars and groundbreaking visual effects in the film industry. This time around, the whole film will play alongside a live orchestra playing John Williams' acclaimed score in sync with the film. The HD screening will be served with a full performance of Williams' award-winning craft performed by the Hallé Orchestra.

AEG Presents a Performance 65 Million Years in the Making. As the film roars back to the big screen, its live accompaniment with the Hallé Orchestra is definitely an experience like no other. The fam can't miss out on this! Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, and even the young ones are all invited to sit back and witness a time when the beasts rose to earth once again.

"We’re thrilled to launch AEG Artistic Presents with the 30th Anniversary celebration that will be Jurassic Park In Concert," shared Lucy Noble, artistic director of AEG. "The massive arena spectacular showing of the film with the Hallé Orchestra performing the award-winning score will give family audiences the opportunity to experience this film like never before in a wholly immersive way. Presenting these incredible events around the country is what we continue to keep doing."

As Jurassic Park welcomes visitors across bigger arenas and theatres in its 30th anniversary In Concert run, get ready to be amazed as Hallé Orchestra's talented roster of musicians around the globe across 14 countries are set to breathe new life into the film's award-winning score.

"The Hallé is delighted to be a part of this tour celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Jurassic Park," shared David Butcher, chief executive of the orchestra. It is a fantastic opportunity for the Hallé to bring the highest quality orchestral music to an audience who may not have heard an orchestra perform live before. Jurassic Park’s score is iconic and gives the musicians the opportunity to showcase their work to new audiences away from the usual Concert Hall settings."

Iconic indeed. So, better hype up the fam for a night with dinosaurs and astounding performances by the Hallé Orchestra at Jurassic Park In Concert at Hackensack Meridian Health Theatre on October 27th. Book those tickets now!

Jurassic Park In Concert at Hackensack Meridian Health Theatre

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